Friday, May 27, 2011

May-hem 2011

Here is my May-hem post of 2011 - birthdays, parties, and birthdays again. May, understandably, is packed for us. It started with Holden's 2nd birthday on the 13th. He woke up and looked older. (It kind of broke my heart a bit.) There was a birthday shirt for daycare...  
and cake, of course, for after dinner.
  And then came the kids' party. It was a Toy Story hoedown. Scarlett and Holden wore Jessie and Woody shirts and we handed out awesome cowboy hats and bandanas.
Lots of our favorite kids were at the party...and I stole most of these pictures from their mothers. As usual, we were running around like maniacs and were too busy to take pictures.
Gio was there
and Gwen and Jack.
and Raleigh
and Jasmine and Minnie to name a few.
Lots of fun was had.
maybe too much fun.
Hugs were given.
Lots of hugs.
Some ended more gracefully than others.
...much more gracefully.
And then Goose turned 4 on the 18th!
Birthday shirt for school...
and cake for after dinner (sound familiar?)
Yay May-hem!!


Jacks said...

your kids are so adorable. I never got tired of reading about them.