Saturday, May 28, 2011

The new playscape

 Scarlett and Holden's Great Grandparents sent them some birthday money. They asked that I pick out a present that Scarlett and Holden would enjoy. Man, have I done just that. Folks, please meet the new playscape:

 I found this second-hand playscape on Craigslist. It rocks. I was a bit of a Craigslist junkie in the past couple of weeks looking for the perfect playscape and trying to coordinate a time where we could pick it up before someone else came along and bought it. Brand new, this playscape would have cost $400!
 The kids LOVE it.
 And Joe and I love it too. Like REALLY love it. We've been able to sit on the back deck and talk uninterrupted while the kids play in the yard. It's heavenly. Thank you for the present G-Gma and G-Gpa!


Pokolodi said...

Plus it looks like Dr. Seuss built it. Awesome!