Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scarlett's Dance Recital - 2012

This past weekend was Scarlett's dance recital. She did such a good job! We had so much fun together - both at the dress rehearsal and the dance recital. She had a costume change in the middle of the performance (going from tap to ballet) so there was a lot of excitement running her around and trying to get her changed before she went on again. I love how much she loves to dance! She's already talking about next year...though she's actually taking a Hip Hop class in the summer. (Hopefully I'll be able to get some video of that!) Below are some pictures from the weekend.

And here are the videos of her performances! These were taken at the dress rehearsal so you can tell a bit that the girls are trying to figure out the stage for the first time. (We're unfortunately not allowed to film the actual recital.)

Adorable, right?! And here is the proud family after the show!

Preschool graduation! (Sigh)

Well...that's it for Pre-K. Scarlett's graduation ceremony was last week and it was so bittersweet as she "stepped up" to kindergarten. We all loved her class. We were so close with the students and her teachers. (And we've got our fingers crossed the Holden will get to have the same teachers next year!!) Here are some pictures from the celebration.
Here is a marking they did on the wall to show how much all the kids grew over the year. Scarlett's symbol is a flower - the black flower was where she started in September and the red flower was how tall she had gotten by the end of the year. It was just over 2 inches! (YOu can click the pictures to make them bigger.)
And here is Miss Judie presenting Scarlett with her medal (sob).

 And shaking her hand (double sob). Notice the big grin on Scarlett's face?!
 Goodbye, Miss Judie! We'll miss you tons!
 Here is Scarlett on her first day of Pre-K 4...
 And here she is on her last!
 Congratulations on your graduation, goose! You're about as cool of a kid as we could have ever hoped for! Muah!

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Tire Swing!

Captain's Cove

Good food, stuff to climb on, boats to look at -
what more could you want from from a pier?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Holden's drawing!

Holden has suddenly started drawing people! He was very nonchalant about the whole thing - I don't think he was prepared for anyone to get excited about the fact. This has to be my favorite milestone and, actually, Holden reached this one before Scarlett did (see her first drawing here). Okay...these guys can stop getting big now. (Sigh.)

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Fashion Club Shoe Store

Scarlett's class has been doing a shoe study. They're learning about all the different types of shoes and where you would typically wear them...like ballet slippers to dance class and rain boots in the rain, etc. I chaperoned a field trip to a local shoe store where we did a shoe scavenger hunt. It was very cute. We had a big checklist of all kinds of shoes and, when we couldn't find two on the list, Scarlett went up and asked an employee for help all by herself. Here is a picture of the "big kids" of Scarlett's class at the shoe store (only the 4s went on this trip):
 A few days after the trip, Scarlett's class opened their own shoe store called Fashion Club Shoe Store. Scarlett was asked to be the store manager (go figure). Her job was to greet everyone as they came in and to make sure all the customers were happy. On my lunch break from work that day, I decided that I needed to do some shoe shopping. I stopped over at the Fashion Club Shoe Store to see what they had to offer. I was greeted by this lovely manager:
 She said, "Welcome to the Fashion Club Shoe Store - right this way please" like she didn't even know me. (She took her job very seriously.)
 The rest of the shoe store staff were very pleasant and helpful, too.
And before I left, the manager insisted on cleaning my shoes. (And I mean insisted.) Fantastic service!