Friday, August 8, 2008

And here we go...

The terrible twos have come a bit early folks. But they’re here. I swear. Scarlett made the announcement yesterday afternoon when we went to pick her up at daycare. Well…it wasn’t necessarily a verbal announcement – but she…gulp…hit another child. She did. I saw it with my own two eyes.

Scarlett has been hitting me and Joe for the past few weeks, but until now, I thought that’s where it ended. The slappins’ were politely left at the doorstep in the morning where they waited patiently for her royal cheekiness to return early evening – and then – let the slappins’ commence! I’d say there are two or three good slappins’ a night courtesy of Miss Bubsy. The targets range from mid-thigh to mid-face (if you happen to be sitting down). The latter of the two being slightly more painful if the slappin’ catches you off guard and you happen to have your eyes open – which, let’s face it, is usually the case. To deal with said slappins’; we grab the Bubsy, make eye-to-eye contact and say “no,” sit her down briskly and walk away. But of course, this situation would never happen outside of our home. She wouldn’t hit anyone besides us. PSHAW.

When we went to pick her up yesterday, she was playing outside with the other kids. She was lowridin’ in the classic red and yellow cozy coupe car. Along came an innocent 2 year old holding a wiffle ball. SCARLETT ACTUALLY WALKED BACKWARDS IN THE CAR SO SHE WAS WITHIN SLAPPINS’ RANGE – and she reached out the window of the car and hit the little girl. What’s even worse is she didn’t even take the ball. I don’t even think she wanted the ball. The slappins’ were completely unjustified. I yanked her outta that cozy coupe car (which, trust me, is a HUGE punishment) and put her right into her car seat. Having a quick convo with her daycare provider, I find out that Scarlett does, in fact, hit the other kids from time to time. Her daycare provider said that she would classify this “freshness” as the terrible twos. Scarlett’s independence is soaring and her ability to communicate is not – well it is, but not quickly enough. She can tell me that she wants a cup of milk, but she can’t tell me that she doesn’t want chicken for dinner; and that she’d prefer mac & cheese.

There goes my theory that the terrible twos begin the day of the child’s second birthday. They begin right…now (cue terrible twos…that’s a go for terrible twos).


stephanieb143 said...

Scarlett would never hit me. She loves her Aunt Stephanie too much.
Actually I don't believe any of this story. That kid with the wiffle ball had it coming. I bet Scarlett caught him smoking some reefer behind the garage. She's just looking out for the safety of the other kids.

Pokolodi said...

I'll be sure to pad Poki up before tonight's playdate. Gees, Louise!
Fortunately, he hasn't been hitting, but he has begun to scream when he gets frustrated...which is every other minute. Darn this eager-but-unable-to-communicate phase! I blame myself for every saying that I would never have a child that screams. (Which I said many, many times in my pre-Poki days). A message to other parents out there in the blogosphere: Never say never.