Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scarlett signs "more"

Okay...this was all my friend Val's work. Credit is definitely due.
As you've seen in recent posts, Scarlett picks up stuff fairly quickly - usually by watching someone else, and then mimicking what she sees them do. While sometimes this isn't such a good thing (i.e. "no!", hitting, and - most recently- sticking her finger up her nose) in this case, it's good. Val taught Scarlett to sign the word "more." I abandoned the idea of baby sign language because I don't spend that much of my day with Scarlett. I thought that this stuff wouldn't stick in her baby brain if she wasn't asked to sign all day long. I was wrong. To give you an idea of what the sign looks like, here is an image of a little boy signing the word "more."
And here is a video of Scarlett signing the word. When she had originally learned the sign, she had to see someone actually doing it in order to mimic them. Now, all I have to say is the word "more," as you'll hear, and she does the sign for it all by herself. I very much prefer the sign language version of "more" to her whiny grunt finger-pointing request that precedes it. Thanks Val!


Pokolodi said...

Genius. She is a genius. I can't even take credit, as much as I'd like to. Nope--I have to give the credit to your and Joe's super-brain genes that you've clearly passed on to your daughter.

Seriously, I can't believe how quickly she picked it up! I'm glad you guys have kept it up--she obviously wants to do it. the was that diaper after the 1/2 pint of blueberries she ate when she learned "more"?

Pokolodi said...

If you really want to give me credit for something, that's obviously a diagram of me signing "more." It looks just like me!