Saturday, August 2, 2008

Scarlett's new house

Scarlett got a new toy yesterday. I got it for $4 at the thrift store across the street from where I work. It was originally marked $8, but the store was trying to clean out its inventory so it was half off. (I would have paid $8.) I gave it a good ol' Windex bath, and it looks brand new. And just because I'm incredibly proud of myself for finding this deal, I'll tell you that this toy retails for around $70. Needless to kept her entertained for a whopping 16 minutes in one sitting. Worth every penny. Problem is...there's really no hiding this toy. There is definitely a giant talking house in my living room.


Pokolodi said...

You know...Carson liks doors too. Alot. There may be a serious throw-down at the next playdate.