Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scarlett's new chair

Right after telling my friend Val that Scarlett had a really cool chair with The Little Mermaid on it that she loved, Scarlett tipped forward in the stupid wobbly thing and smacked her head on the coffee table hard enough and loud enough that all I could do for 5 seconds was say "Oh my God" repeatedly. While I fully expected a cascade of blood, all that resulted from the incident was a small bruise above her left eye, and a lot of wailing. (Val, don't buy that chair at the Christmas Tree Shop - you know...the one I was just telling you about.) Joe and I went to IKEA today and got her this one. Unfortunately, it does not fold up and slide under the couch like the Little Mermaid one did. Sigh...I am slowly coming to the realization that I cannot hide all of my daughter's accompanying crap, I mean accessories, forever. Needless to say, she likes the chair.


Pokolodi said...

She looks so big in that chair! Maybe because I have never seen the baby version.

By the way, I was minutes away from scrapping the cleaning plans and going to ikea. Ikeeeeeaaaaaa...mmmm.....