Monday, September 8, 2008

The wedding photos are in!!

Hooray for pictures!

In case you forgot, I'll give you a little refresher. Steph (my sister/Scarlett's aunt) got married to Craig (my now brother-in-law/Scarlett's now uncle) last Sunday. Scarlett was asked to be one of the (absolutely adorable and perfectly behaved) flower girls. Here's the proof...
I mean really, how cute are they?!Scarlett walked down the entire aisle holding Erin's hand the whole time. All the warnings I gave Steph about how toddlers sometimes run...or sometimes run and scream simultaneously all in the wrong direction...were all is vain. She was so good...and Erin was a great line leader. If you look at the pictures and listen very quietly you can hear all the "oohhhs" and "aahhhs" of the people in the pews. Hey, it's not everyday you see a 15 1/2 month old flower girl!

Here are some shots of us right after the wedding. (Steph, you look so beautiful! The day went by too quickly! I miss it already.)
Here is my mom (Scarlett's Nan) with Steph and Craig, and Joe, Scarlett and IAnd here is my Dad (Scarlett's Grandad) and my stepmother Mai (Scarlett's Mormor) and my Gran (Scarlett's Great Gran) with Steph and Craig, and Jonathan and Katrina (her aunt and uncle)...and me...her mom...whew. I have to say again how nice it was to be able to hang out with Jonathan and Katrina, who we only get to see about once a year...if we're lucky. Scarlett adores them both. Obviously! Here's Scarlett stealing the groom for a few minutes...or maybe this was the groom keeping Scarlett preoccupied while I readied a juice box. And here's the whole wedding party. Then we're on to the reception! Woo hoo! Scarlett and Erin had so much fun on the dance floor.

Erin even managed to have fun with Scarlett while she was strapped into her high chair!

Man...having fun can wear a baby out. Awwww....Steph and Craig's first dance.Now Scarlett...that's not nice.We got to see our Aunt Jane at the wedding, which was awesome. We haven't seen each other in years! We also finally got to meet Aunt Jane's boyfriend, Al. Scarlett loved them both! They gave her a stuffed cat (which instigated Scarlett's first "MEOW"...adorable video to come) and a toy laptop which Scarlett still can't get enough of. Thanks guys! It was great seeing you! Mwah!Scarlett's Godparents sure know how to get down. They're the kind of dancers that make you want to run out and take dance lessons...even though you know you never will...sigh. The important men in Scarlett's life...Godfather Dan, Uncle Craig, and Daddy Joe.Look how beautiful Aunt Stephanie looks!
And then Scarlett starts to get a little sleepy...
going...gone...thanks Nancy!a moment alone. So that was Steph and Craig's wedding. We all had a blast!


Pokolodi said...

Everyone looks so beautiful! What a great wedding!

I think my favorite part of this whole post is...well, there are two faves, actually...
1) When Scarlett is dancing and stops to look down at her dress for what seemed like an entire minute. I wish I knew what she was thinking. In my own mind, I'd like to think that she had just realized that her feet were moving (like she had just let the spirit of dance take over without noticing until that very moment), but in reality, I suspect she wanted to admire her fancy dress.
2) And this truly is my fave of faves: Margaritaville. She was dancing to Margaritaville. And, no offense (cause I know she’s your baby and all), but she totally looked like she had taken a little trip to Margaritaville. She and her friend totally reminded me of a couple of drunk girls at a bar--and their slightly more sober friends (the 2 ladies standing on the side) watch in horror, then turn their backs on them as if to say: “Oh my gawd! I can't believe Scarlett got so drunk. I can't even watch.” Hey—you know you’ve been there.

Pokolodi said...

I didn't realize until I watched it again, but during the part when Scarlett admires her own dress (somewhere around the 50 second mark), Erin totally breaks in the Pheobe from Friends dance. Heeee-larious.