Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Big E - 2008

Last Sunday we went to The Big E with Joyce and Dan, Scarlett's Godparents. (To see the last time Scarlett went to The Big E - click here. Ah...the difference a year makes!) Man did we have fun. The weather was gorgeous...gorgeously hot. Check out Scarlett donning mama's sunglasses.

We went to the petting zoo. Scarlett, however, was not allowed to pet. While adorable...these animals were a, ripe. Then we went to see some sheep. And I got this ethereal-esque photo of the Bubsy.Joe took Scarlett on a big slide. Scarlett is a pro at these slides now though....our friend Lisa took her on one in the middle of the summer. It didn't even phase her this time around. See...
The highlight of Scarlett's day was, however, the eating of (drum roll please) du-du du-dah....DEEP FRIED OREOS.
Oh yeah...she ate 'em up good. Powdered sugar and all.I found it so cute that she got so dirty that I didn't even wipe off her mouth for a whole twenty minutes after she was through. Do you know I almost punched a woman in the face to get this table? I'm not even kidding. Ask anyone. I was SO there first. We also played the duck grab game. Scarlett loves this game! You can tell by the loud "Whee!"
And lastly, we rode the carousel.

So that's it. That was our day! Same time next year everyone?


Pokolodi said...

How fun! I really wanted to take Carson this year. Bummer...I guess we've missed it.
Next year...