Monday, September 15, 2008

Family membership at Kidcity!

We made a quick pit stop at Kidcity this past Sunday and purchased a family membership. That's right folks, we're part of the Kidcity clan now. The last time we visited, Scarlett had just learned to stand...well, a lot has changed since then. She can run. (To see our last visit to Kidcity, click here. It's worth clicking...the difference that 6 months makes is shocking!) Scarlett could hardly wait for me to sign the paperwork sealing our membership deal. She wanted to "go go go." We started off at the rocket ship.

We made bubbles...with the help of daddy.We played with crystals that glow in the dark.Then we drove cars.
We played with steam.
And played "Attack of the Fifty Foot Baby." I was amazed that Scarlett was taking the toy people and putting them into the cars. Admittedly, she was putting them in upside down, but she's got the idea. People drive cars...and they can drive them upside down if they darn well feel like it. But this was Scarlett's favorite part of the museum. This little four foot by four foot corner containing an oversized funnel that you could drop balls into. Figures.
We almost didn't go into the room next to the funnel because there was a crazy couple in there laughing their heads off with their even crazier daughter who randomly became obsessed with shoving balls down an air tunnel until they shot back up and...well, just watch this video. I don't know who these crazy people were, but I would be so happy if we never ever bumped into them again. Ever. They're crazy.
So, last time we went to Kidcity I proclaimed that we'd be back, but next time we'd have better hair...yeah...not so much.
So that's it. "This is the beginning of a beautiful's looking at you Kid[city]."


Pokolodi said...

Oh man! Your child has never looked as much like Nick Nolte's mugshot as she does right here. That's simply hilarious. Heee-larious.

Her hair is not, however, my favorite part of this post. That has to be in the video when she almost lost an eye and you, her mother (and I think her father too), cracked up. Poor Scarlett. And you wonder why she prefers holding my hand at the park. :)

Pokolodi said...
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Pokolodi said...

So, I have to admit, I didn't click on the link to the previous Kid City post until just now...and I am truly amazed! First of all, I think Scarlett has gotten a weave since then. There is no way her hair has grown that much in 6 months--no way! NO WAY!