Monday, September 1, 2008

On this week's episode of The Scarlett Show...

Scarlett gets a visit from her Great Gran, Grandad, Mormor, Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Katrina who were all down for the long weekend to attend Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Craig's (awesomely fantastic) wedding. Scarlett has not seen these relatives since our visit to Canada last November (to read about that, click here). We had so much fun! Aunt Katrina and Uncle Jonathan even stayed with us in our guest room!
When Great Gran, Mormor and Grandad had gotten settled into their hotel room, we went to meet them all so we could go out to dinner. Here is Scarlett sitting like a big girl next to her Aunt and Uncle. Within five minutes of seeing them again, Scarlett must have remembered who they were because she jumped right into Katrina's arms...
And Jonathan's lap.
Heck...she even jumped into Jonathan's shoes! The reunited Adams clan.
The Adams guys hanging with the Bubs.
Aunt Katrina and Uncle Jonathan with Scarlett - who, by the way, had two toy cell phones with her that night, direct lines to both Cinderella and Elmo, and yet she still managed to swipe Jonathan's phone to play with. The next day we visited the outlets...and Scarlett visited Bob the Builder. She swiped his bulldozer and took it for out a spin. He did seem pretty pissed about it too. He clung onto the side of the bulldozer while she tried to speed away. She even poked him in the eye to try and get him off. The bulldozer eventually ran out of gas (quarters).

Scarlett practiced holding hands while walking with Grandad. She needed the practice so that she would hold the other flower girl's hand while walking down the aisle at Aunt Stephanie's wedding. Luckily, this is a skill that was mastered by the wedding on Sunday...thanks for the help Grandad! The next day we went to the wedding rehearsal and the wedding rehearsal lunch. Bridesmaid Aunt Katrina was a huge help, as was Groomsman Uncle Jonathan, because, in addition to being the mother of a very active toddler who needs constant monitoring, I was the Matron of Honor and had obligatory responsibilities to Aunt Stephanie...most of which were met...hopefully. Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Craig gave Scarlett and the other flower girl, Erin, t-shirts announcing to the world that they were the flower girls. I'm seriously having this shirt framed when Scarlett outgrows it. Until then...she's wearing it everyday...or at least once a week. It's so cute!
They also gave Scarlett a "Mo" book complete with Sesame Street finger puppets. In addition to the fact that Scarlett absolutely loves this book, it proved to be a lifesaver at the wedding too. It was the "break glass in case of emergency" toy. We can always count on Mo. Fruit Loops also saved the day. That kid ate so many Fruit Loops I'm surprised she didn't poop an orange the next day.
Here are some good family shots...
Aunt Stephanie, Great Gran, me and Scarlett.
Mormor, Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Stephanie, me, Aunt Katrina, and Grandad.

Then we threw Great Gran and Scarlett into the bunch...not literally, of course. And here's Uncle Craig, Aunt Stephanie, Joe, Scarlett, me, Nan, and Larry
Yay family! It was so great to see everybody, and, as always, it flew by way too quickly. Sigh.

Sooooo...there is a ton more to come, including the wedding itself. But right now I'm exhausted after a crazy crazy weekend. And...I'm waiting for the professional photos to be ready. They should be done in a few days. I can't trust my own unprofessional photos to represent the utter cuteness that was Scarlett, and the utter beauty that was her Aunt Stephanie on this day. On the next episode of The Scarlett Show (spoiler alert) we'll meet Aunt Jane and Al, we'll walk down the aisle as a flower girl, we'll get down on the dance floor...but wait, I'm spoiling it. You'll have to wait. What? You don't want to wait that long? Okay, okay...geez. You folks sure are pushy. I can't blame you for not wanting to wait a few days to see how cute Scarlett looked as a flower girl, so I'll leave you with this. That should tide you over for a bit.

Till next time!


Pokolodi said...

How awesome! Both the babes had a family reunion this weekend! And for Aunt and Uncle's weddings! Man...these kids do have to do everything alike.