Monday, September 28, 2009

Bubsy and the Beast

Meet Bubsy, a beautiful princess girl who likes books and is generally too smart for her own good, which sometimes gets her into trouble. Meet Beast, a massive...well...beast whose size is intimidating and, at times, down right scary - but he's really sweet at heart...when he's not pissed. See, we're not just watching princess girl movies 'round here -
we're living them.
And FYI - these photos were not doctored in any way.
Your eyes are not deceiving you.
Holden is really that big.


Pokolodi said...

That is so hilarious--he truly is the definition of "mega baby."

I'm about to give up all hope on the sweater I've been knitting him 3 months now. I may need to add a couple panels and a foot to the length for it to fit him.