Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holden's baptism

Holden was baptized this morning. He was such a good boy; a doll even. Aunt Nachie and Uncle Keg, who are Holden's Godparents, joined us up front. And we had about 20 more of Holden's fans (our close friends and family) there too.

Holden fell asleep immediately after being baptized and slept through the remainder of the service. We had everyone over to our house after church but, of course, were too busy running around to take any pictures.
Thanks to all who helped us celebrate! We love you all!


Pokolodi said...

I just cried. Seriously. I'm such a sap about these things!

He looks so handsome in his little outfit and Scarlett was such a good girl watching the whole thing!

I'm so sorry we couldn't be there. I was cursing my stupid cold all day.