Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Killam's Point

Last Sunday we went to a church picnic at Killam's Point in Branford. The beach was beautiful and, if you click the link, you'll see it has a ton of history. Our church hosts a picnic there once a year. We went swimming.We played a rendition of basketball. We ate a delicious BBQ dinner.Scarlett brought her bubble wand to show off how she makes "big big BIG" bubbles. And Holden was...Holden. And just when we thought we'd run out of stuff to do, somone brought out a rubber duck tied to a stick. (Why do I even spend money on toys?)


Pokolodi said...

Sigh...you know, sometimes we come to your church too. Couldn't we have gone to the picnic? I'm so sick of your awesome weekends. I mean, a rubber duck on a stick? How can I compete with that?