Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy busy baby

Wow we've been busy. In the past 3 weeks Scarlett has been to two weddings, two picnics, one birthday party and one week long vacation. Admittedly, we were so busy that I hardly got any pictures of all the fun! Here's what I could scrounge together - and some of these pictures I shamelessly stole from other people!

Our friend Marisa's wedding... Scarlett getting down with our friend Lee.And her Aunt Stephanie...And her Nan...And yes, folks, Scarlett has begun her gymnastics career. She was infatuated by the flower girls at Marisa's wedding and tried to copy everything they did...including cartwheels.

Then there was Juan's surprise birthday party. A lot of Scarlett's friends were there, like Haila, Josie and Javier. Scarlett also sat still for a record 15 minutes next to our friend, Lindsay. She really likes Lindsay. Scarlett also went to her Godmother and Godfather's wedding, Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dan. The church was beautiful, and the ceremony was...well...a tearjerker. I was the Matron of Honor up front in the green dress and I spent most of the time up there trying not to cry! We really love our Joyce and Dan! The reception was at the Carousel Room at Lighthouse Point, which is a beach in New Haven. Can we say gorgeous?! Imagine having your wedding reception in the same room as a giant working carousel. They even let Scarlett ride it!And Aunt Stephanie was there too!And so was Scarlett's favorite adult, Christine. (Thanks for the pics Christine! Mwah!) So...that's what we've been up to. Busy busy busy...but having fun fun fun.