Thursday, July 10, 2008

Forkin' it up

Scarlett has gotten better with her friend, the fork. She still can't stab things herself, but she will no longer eat a meal unless a fork is involved. It has to be metal, so we skipped the plastic baby forks. I'm assuming this is similar to the fact that Scarlett does not enjoy toy cell phones or toy keys...she wants the real thing. While we have the 18 month+ metal toddler forks, she actually prefers adult forks...probably because Mommy would prefer her to use the toddler ones. I haven't gotten her on video with an adult fork yet, but it's hilarious. Video to come. Here's Scarlett forkin' it up toddler style.

Daddy does the stabbing, Scarlett does the shoveling. They've actually got a system down now. At times, Joe will have two forks and he lines up the next bite for her. While the bright orange goo smeared all over Scarlett's face in these pictures may make it appear that we were eating radioactive sludge for dinner, I can assure you that we were not. Just Hamburger Helper - which admittedly may be radioactive sludge to some...but not to us. If it takes me 15 minutes to cook's wholesome enough.


Pokolodi said...

We're back! It looks like you guys survived without us!

We missed you and we can't wait to see you guys!

...By the way, Carson is getting a fork TODAY. I can't put this off any longer.