Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scarlett goes to the beach

We brought Scarlett to the beach last Thursday for a picnic dinner. Turns out, the kid hates sand. In her defense...this isn't baby powdery soft white beach sand. This is "Hi, I live on the Sound" rocks and shells and maybe broken glass sand. It hurts those tootsy toes. Here's Joe and Scarlett walking up to the beach.Scarlett was very interested in the water.

That is, until she actually put her feet into it. Again, in her defense, this water is kinda gross. I also think Scarlett may have been a flamingo in another life.

She was also very interested in the water park at the beach. Unfortunately, we didn't bring our bathing suits. This is not to suggest that even if we had brought bathing suits I would be comfortable running around in one while chasing Scarlett through this slippery crowded mother's worst nightmare concrete waterfest, but since we didn't have our bathing suits anyway that's the reason we didn't go into the water park. Hey, Scarlett bought it. I finally persuaded Scarlett to walk on the sand in order to get to the du duh duh dah...playground! First we had to brush the sand off of our hands. (She got quite good at doing that by the end of the evening.)Then we played.
Yay beach...or I guess yay playground at the beach! Cause we didn't really like the beach itself.


Pokolodi said...

She did better than Carson did on his first day at the beach! He cried and climbed up my leg like a monkey when we put his feet in the water. By day three he was splashing around. Give her time.

And yes, definitely a flamingo in a former life. So funny!