Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 11-13 - Family time!

This past weekend, we had no weddings. We had no birthday parties, or barbecues, or play dates. We thought that quite possibly because of this, we may have a boring weekend...not so much. On Friday night, we packed up the wagon, bought Subway and a six-pack, and headed over to the Hamden green for a free concert. Los Lobos was playing, and although we didn't get to hear "La Bamba" (much to my dismay), we did sing along to "I Wan'na Be Like You," which is the fun monkey song from Disney's "The Jungle Book." We got as close to the stage as two 28- year old first time parents with a young child in a wagon dared to get. Scarlett was in her prime. And, as usual, she had an audience. Her sense of humor is rapidly developing, and has gotten to a point where she actually cracks herself up. She'll babble away to herself, and then suddenly start cracking up to the point where she is out of breath laughing so am I. I don't know what she said, but it was sure funny. This, of course, will be fun until she gets old enough to talk and I realize that she's been making fun of me the whole time.
Scarlett also has her own sunglasses now. This is not at all to suggest that she wears said sunglasses for more than 10 second intervals...but she owns them regardless. As we were sitting at this concert last Friday, I got sentimental remembering that Scarlett's first concert ever was this same time last year when we brought her to the Hamden green to see Dr. John. She was just shy of 2 months. Ahh time, where do you go? And why do you go there so fast? Here are some good "that was then, this is now" shots...
Oh, that little Bubbaloo.
So, that was our Friday night.
Saturday morning, we woke up to a plan-less day with endless opportunities. What did we do might you ask? The appropriate question is - what didn't we do?
First thing in the morning the three of us went to Beardsley Zoo...
We saw tigers...And tigers pooping. (Come on, how could I not take a picture of this?! Have you ever seen a tiger poop?! More importantly, have you ever smelled a tiger poop?! I do not recommend it. AT ALL. Run away. We happened to be in down wind.)We saw Monkeys...

And scarlet ibis'. "Mom, there is no humor in getting a good picture of me in front of the scarlet ibis sign.'re so embarrassing. I hate ibis' anyway. Wah."And yet, another family photo standing in front of the giant cow at Beardsley zoo. To see our last one from October '07, click here.The best part of this trip to Beardsley was definitely the bird show. It was fabulous. Usually these shows are really corny, but not this one. It had everything you could want in a bird show. And Scarlett loved it. She never sits still for these things. But seriously, how could you not love Kito the talking bird?!

After the zoo, Scarlett and I brought Joe to story time at The New Haven Children's Museum. Scarlett has wanted to show Joe this museum since she first started coming here ( seriously...she told me she did). We did all the fun stuff that only Dad's would find to do at a museum. (I seriously had no idea half this stuff was here. This may be because Val and I force our children to hang out in the boring room that contains only stuffed animals and books so we can chat about LOST episodes and celebrities and not worry about the kids getting hurt although sometimes they still do. They've managed to get their little butts stuck in buckets and run full speed into mirrored walls in this particular room.)
This trip to the museum, we dressed like a mailman. A particularly hip mailman.
We played with a giant dollhouse. Joe and I decided that we were going to build this dollhouse in our new house's basement - that is, when we finally sell our condo and buy a new house. This led to a 10 minutes discussion/battle as to who could do a better job building/painting this future dollhouse that we both knew would never get built/painted or even exist in the first place. At the time, though, it was a very important discussion(/battle). All the while, Scarlett played.
Scarlett learned about gravity...

And missed her Carson..And, as if we hadn't done enough by this point in the day, we went to another free concert on a green Saturday night. This time, it was The New Haven Symphony Orchestra on the New Haven green, and Marie, Juan, Josie and Javier came with us.
Within minutes of them getting there, Scarlett made herself at home in Javier's lap. She also, for some reason, decided to pet Javier throughout most of the night. She would just stand behind him and gently pat his head for extended periods of one really knew what to make of that...including Javier.
Scarlett likes Javi, but now Josie, she's really cool.
Josie is a girly-girl and does all the stuff that Scarlett is quickly taking an interest in, like brushing her hair and putting on lip gloss. She also brought her Pawparrazzipet that came in a cool pet carrier. Christmas present anyone? (Anyone?)
There are 13 months between Scarlett and Josie, which seemed like ages until now. This past Saturday, they ran around together, shared their toys with one another, and got along really well. It was really cute to see Scarlett imitate girly stuff, like hugging and kissing dolls/Elmo, and applying make-up. Till now...she just kind of banged everything together. Yay girls!
Another girly-girl that Scarlett knows is Kristina. Her dad plays on Joe's softball team and we see her every Sunday...including this past Sunday. Scarlett really wanted to sit like a big girl on the curb...just like Kristina.
She almost missed the curb the first time that she tried to sit down, but she quickly recovered her balance and played it off cool. I was seriously impressed at her "playing it off" skills. She must get those skills from Joe...I can't play anything off. If I trip on a curb, it's obvious I tripped on a curb.
Yay fun family weekend! I hope you enjoyed reading about it!
Say goodbye Kito. "Goodbye Kito."


Pokolodi said...

1st of all, I totally feel like you cheated on me with Joe. Yep, I said it! Your cheating on your weekend playdate Mom with your husband.
2nd, a doll house? At the childrens museum? Where is it? I have seriously never seen it before. Is there another floor that we never knew existed before?
3rd, Carson says thanks for the shout out. How sweet!
Lastly, who was the tone-deaf person who trained that bird to sing? Can parrots not alter their pitch and notes? I'm going to impersonate him every time I see you now.