Sunday, July 20, 2008

Climbing machine

Scarlett likes to climb. She likes to climb a lot. We've been going to a playground a few blocks away from our house in an attempt to appease the massive appetite this little monkey has for climbing. We wagon it over to the park and the second that Scarlett sees the playground equipment she tries to vacate the wagon by any means possible. Thank you, Radio Flyer, for seatbelts. She settles on saying "up up up up" until the wagon comes to a complete stop and we free her from its toddler restraints. Then it's's on like Donkey Kong...quite literally. We climb up...

We slide down.We climb through things in the air...And on the ground.We swing high... And crawl low.In fact, this climbing monkey is always on the go!


Pokolodi said...

I think you've just written your first children's book!

We want to go to that playground! It looks awesome and not at all crowded with swarms of older, reckless kids who trample Carson without a second thought!