Tuesday, October 14, 2008

But "Mo" was thirsty!

Scarlett rarely gets to have sippy cups in the car. She usually winds up making a mess and both she and the car seat get soaked. This time, there was a third party involved in the incident.

This morning, just before we were about to walk out the door for daycare/work, Scarlett asked for juice. I pulled a Poland Springs water bottle out of the fridge thinking I could coerce her into one sip from the bottle, which would then be left behind in the house upon walking out of the door. Not so much. She shook her head and said "nooooo." I shut the fridge and she continued to ask for "juice." Then she pulled out the new trick. It's a true low blow. "Pees mama, pees" (this means "please"). My God...it gets me every time. How could it not? She got juice, and immediately replied with "Da du, mama." (This means "thank you"...and yes, she has got the manners thing down. It's quite impressive, if I do say so myself.) So Scarlett and her juice made their way to the car.

About 15 minutes later, we look back at Scarlett to see how she was doing with her juice. Of course, the cup is upside down in her lap and she had spilled some juice on herself and the seat. But wait..."Mo" (her stuffed Elmo doll) was also in her lap...and his face (particularly the mouth region) was SOAKED. After asking her what she was doing, Scarlett babbled this response (intelligible words in bold), "blip chet du blip terp MO terp blip JUICE (holds cup to his mouth) tup-tup-tup (thirst-quenching) AAAHHHHHH."

In short, duh mom...Mo was thirsty.


Pokolodi said...

You know, if I hadn't just spent the last week with Scarlett, this may have surprised me.

Classic. Hilarious. Totally Scarlett.