Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin time!

Yesterday we met up with Val, Andrei, and Carson at Jones Family Farm in Shelton. Oh yeah...we went pumpkin picking. You may remember a similar post from last year when we brought Scarlett to this same farm for her first pumpkin patch experience ever. (If you need a refresher, click here.) It was a beautiful day outside. The leaves are just starting to change colors and it reminds me why I love to live in New England. (Although, ask me how much I love to live in New England in about 3 months when I'm complaining about the cold and the snow. The answer may be a little different. It may contain a couple words not suitable for toddler ears. But for now...I love New England.)

"Come on're so embarrassing. We haven't even left the parking lot yet."

Scarlett immediately found the little red kid-sized barns that the farm put up. I don't remember these from last year, but that's probably because Scarlett was a blob then and couldn't even sit up by herself let alone play in a barn. (She also had an immensely large head for a four month old. If you haven't clicked on the link to last year's post, please do. You can't tell me that child's head wasn't huge)
Upon leaving the house, Joe told me that he thought Scarlett looked like a bum in this outfit. He said the dress looked like a bathrobe, her hair was all messed up, and her chucks were dirty. I thought she looked trendy...though I have also recently taken a liking to wearing white socks with my black Crocs - so who am I to say.I had no idea why this sign said "Uh-Oh" until Carson and Scarlett got behind it."Uh-Oh" is right. So...what else does one do in a pumpkin patch? They pick up pumpkins...or try to.

(Please note the grunt in the beginning of this video)

They go on Hayrides...
They sit on pumpkins...
and fall off of pumpkins.
They run around like maniacs...They pose...
and poop.
And overall...they have a great time in pumpkin patches!
After the pumpkin patch and naptime, we went over to Val and Andrei's to carve our pumpkins.

Carson and Scarlett did quite the job helping us out. Actually, I'm just being nice. They really did nothing but stir the guts around in the pumpkin, and the second Scarlett got guts on her hand she freaked out and went over to bang the spoon in Carson's slide instead. But it was really cute that they wanted to help.The end result...Ta-da!


Pokolodi said...

1) Why is Scarlett's head sticking out of the pig's stomach? Is that the uh-oh? And how did I not notice it when we were taking the picture?

2) I can't believe you posted the picture of her pooping! She's going to be so pissed at you when she's 12.

3) I also can't believe you guys were watching her struggle with those pumpkins and were like: Help? Do it yourself, Scarlett! It would be fun for our 16 month old daughter to get a hernia!