Sunday, October 12, 2008

Radhika turns 1!

Last Sunday, we all went to Radhika's first birthday party. There were so many people there that her parents, Jessica and Banhu, had to rent a whole hall to hold everyone! It was a lot of fun. There was tons of room to run around and play...and fight over balloons.

Scarlett's Godparents, Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dan were there too. Radhika is their niece.And you know who else was there? Balloons...tons of them. The party even had its own DJ! When cake cutting time came around, a special drummer came onto the stage. Everyone stared at him.Including Scarlett.
Then everyone watched Radhika take her first mouthful of cake.
Yay Radhika! Happy birthday!


Pokolodi said...

Sheez! Now I feel like Poki had the lamest birthday party ever! This looks like the event of the season!!