Thursday, October 9, 2008

Days 2 and 3 with Bal and Car-key

I cannot believe how much Val is doing with these kids. I think she has done more with them in the past three days then Scarlett's regular provider has done with them in the past year! They've gone for walks everyday, they've colored, they've gone to Toddler Tunes! It's nuts! Scarlett is having so much fun with them that when I wake her up in the morning the first thing she says is "Car-key" (not kidding!). I'm also loving it because through Val's blog I get a peek into Scarlett's daily routine - something I've been completely unaware of with her regular daycare provider (I know it usually involves t.v. and not going outside regularly). Here are links to the past two days Scarlett has spent with Val and Carson. Be prepared to laugh.
Day 2 - click here
Day 3 - click here