Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scarlett tries to pawn off her dinner...

on everyone.

In case you're unable to comprehend what Scarlett is saying, I've typed out the scene below.

Scene 1 - Dinner

(Dada forks up a bite of Scarlett's dinner and offers it to her.)
Scarlett - "No."
(Dada puts bite into his own mouth.)
Scarlett - "Mmmmm, good."
(Dada forks another bite of dinner and offers it to Scarlett.)
Scarlett - "No." (Takes fork.)
Scarlett - "Dada bite?"
Dada - "No thank you. Scarlett's bite"
Scarlett - "Mama bite?"
Mama - "No thank you."
Scarlett - ""
Dada - "No no, no no."

Dog thinks - "gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme"


Pokolodi said...

Way to put those sentences together, Scarlett! Wow! I'm constantly impressed by that little genius of yours!

And, you know, you didn't even need the transcript. She speaks very clearly! I understood every word.