Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our new car

On the way home from work/daycare today, Joe and I got into a heated conversation regarding our "new car." Let me clarify - our "new car" does not exist...it is no where near the point of existence...and yet, this "new car" required a heated discussion between husband and I. (We've got a long commute.) The discussion was about what kind of car our car would be if it were new. Joe thinks our "new car" is a truck (shudder). I think our "new car" is an Element/Edge/Outback. Neither of us was winning, so our voices got continually louder and louder the deeper we got into our imaginary car shopping conversation - as if the decibels of our voices could drown out the stupidity of the other person. (Ahh, married life.) Even better, it was a "what if" disagreement. These are the best kinds of disagreements because of their complete, total and utter irrelevancy.

Poor Scarlett was just hanging out in her car seat in the back, playing with her toys and minding her own business. She must have finally reached her breaking point after listening to her ridiculous parents for over 10 minutes because she started loudly bellowing "bababababababababababababa." Joe and I ignored her for a cool minute or so (we've gotten good at this). We ignored her until we could ignore her no longer. She was interrupting a very important conversation after all...and she wouldn't stop yelling "babababababa!" I turn around to politely ask her to be quiet...and, oh, my lovely daughter. Scarlett had her hands straight up in the air and was maneuvering them like sock puppets, all while mockingly yelling"bababababa..." I'm pretty sure she was mocking us. And I'm pretty sure she was so incredibly proud of it.


Kate said...

that very well may be the best story i've ever heard. just so you know. i'm still laughing!

(and, to add fuel to the fire, as a totally biased element owner, elements are freaking awesome and the best thing to happen to a 2 child household since pb an j. and you can tell joe i said so).