Thursday, January 8, 2009

Scarlett cries wolf

When we were at the mall last weekend doing some post holiday shopping, Joe offered to stay with Scarlett at the little kids' playland while I went to try on some maternity jeans. (This was a wise decision for EVERYBODY. Maternity clothes shopping is as about unpleasant as clothes shopping while fat can be.)
Per Joe's telling, Scarlett was pulling some pretty sneaky maneuvers while playing. If she was climbing on something in the playland and another child came over to play on the same thing, Scarlett would run over to Joe and unfairly claim that she had been pushed - which was a total lie. Joe said the kids weren't even touching her. "Ca-yett push," she'd say, looking as pathetic as can be. Can you believe that?! I almost didn't believe it until I was making dinner last night while Scarlett and Joe were playing in the living room. Joe told Scarlett to stop throwing her toys on the floor and when she didn't listen he took a toy away from her. Sure enough, Scarlett came running into the kitchen, grabbed my leg, and said, "Daddy push Ca-yett." And like any other self-respecting, on the defense person would do, Joe whined "I did not!!"


Kate said...

NICE. the favorite in this house is telling whichever parent is closest that the other one gave permission for a cookie. yeah. and i feel for you on the maternity clothing front-i'm fairly certain that that's a significant part of the 5th layer of hell. ugh.