Monday, January 26, 2009

A weekend of boys

We played with boys this weekend. 2 boys. Both Mossimo and Carson.
On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Peabody Museum and saw "ROARS!," which is what Scarlett calls dinosaurs. She's such a girl. Of course she found the one other little girl in the room, who just so happened to be wearing Minnie Mouse ears, and proceeded to follow her around for a bit. She made the simple mistake of calling the little girl "Mim-mie" (she was wearing Minnie Mouse ears for crying out loud), and was then politely informed by the girl that her name was not Minnie, but Cinderella. Oh. Sorry. The rodent ears and bright red polka dot bow threw us off. Here's a video of Scarlett imitating a a quiet museum setting.

After that, we saw animals. But I don't know how much seeing animals actually occurred. There was a lot of running going on. Scarlett and Carson's favorite pastime is chasing each other...again, in a quiet museum setting.

Then on Sunday we had a play date with Mossimo. (Need a Mossimo refresher? click here.) Before we left to go to Mossimo's house, Scarlett practiced saying his name. Though she didn't need much practice. She pretty much nailed it on the first try.

Mossimo had cool toys. Seriously. He had toys that Scarlett had never even seen before. He had play dough, rubber stamps, an awesome Scooby Doo punching bag, a toy castle...the list goes on. I knew that Scarlett was enjoying his toys because the "MINE" word came out...a couple times actually. She hasn't said "MINE" in awhile (at least not that I've heard) - I had to politely inform her that the toys were not hers, and that we were at Mossimo's house playing with his toys...remember? She had a blast and was very upset when we had to leave. Late Sunday afternoon we went to Toddler Tunes, which is a hip toddler occurrence that usually happens on Wednesday mornings (preventing working parents from bringing their also very hip toddlers). Luckily for us, they are doing a trial run on Sunday afternoons. Scarlett loved it. She was jumping around all over the place. Joe thought she looked crazy. Like really crazy. At one point he whispered to me "what's wrong with her?!" I told him that she obviously inherited her mother's dancing skills and to let her be. She was having fun...even if she did look a little crazy. I did manage to capture Scarlett and Carson's first dance. It was, quite appropriately, the "skidamarink...adink, adink. Skidamarink adoo. I love you" song. Scarlett could not have been happier that Carson was dancing with her. And, seriously people, how cute?!

Yay Mossimo, Yay Carson! Yay fun weekend!


Pokolodi said...

1) I can't believe you stopped the video right before she (appropriately) shushed herself! That was priceless.

2) She DID say Mossimo perfectly! Holy Moly! Impressive.

3) Please preserve the video of them dancing. We need it to last 25 years so it can be playing on a big screen behind them during their first dance at their wedding. (Or in a floating is the future after all). We'll have to get Robert to come play this song live too. (Or maybe also a hologram).

Love it! I'm linking to it from Poki's blog right now!

Kate said...

1. cute
3. CUTE!!!!!

Fleur said...

Ok, just reading about everything you did in one weekend made me tired. Very impressive! The video of Scarlett at the museum is too hilarious. I was laughing out loud. (and now it's 9:30 and i'm going to bed. how can taking care of an infant be so tiring?)