Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sledding with Carson

We've had so much snow recently that we got to go sledding again. This time we went with Carson and his parents. Still no hills....maybe next time. You might question my ability to remain calm when my daughter is so dangerously close to spilling out of her "safety" sled only to do a face plant on ice slicked concrete due to Joe's crazy sled maneuvering. Well, my friends, it takes practice. Exactly 20 months and 4 days of practice.

Yeah...we like the idea of snow...we just don't want to touch it - or come into contact with it at all really. And I'm pretty sure Scarlett is the only toddler who does not eat snow. At least, this seems to be the consensus according to other mothers of toddlers I know.
But pulling our own sled is great.

Really, really great."Hey Carson."
"Hey Scarlett."
"How's it going?"
"Ahh, good....I'm outside in the snow."
" too."
More silence.
"(whistle)......(hum)...Yeah. Umm...seen any good movies lately?"


Pokolodi said...

Sigh...I have the best video all put together of the snow--with music and everything, but my dumb new camera saves videos in a file that won't upload to blogger! Or Youtube! Boo!

We still have a backyard full of you think Scarlett would like to build a snowman? Don't tell her it involves touching the snow.