Friday, January 30, 2009

This morning...

on our way to work/daycare. 6:24 am.

Scarlett describes the perfect daycare...

Mama- Scarlett...are you going to daycare today?
Scarlett- Yeah.
Mama- Who are you going to see at daycare today?
Scarlett- Car-key (Carson).
Mama- Oh really? Who else are you going to see?
Scarlett- Val (Carson's mom).
Mama- Val will be there too? Who else?
Scarlett- Elmo...Cookie...Oscar...Grover...(etc.)
Mama- Oh yeah? Will Lesia be there? (her actual daycare provider)
Scarlett- NO!


Shortly after, still on our way to work/daycare. Stopping at a gas station. 6:39 am.

Joe is outside filling up the tank. A sketchy man comes up to him and asks him a question. Joe gets back into the car.

Mama- What did that guy ask you?
Dada- He wanted to know if I had a spare tire.
Mama- Like what, we'd just give him our spare...if we had one. What'd you tell him?
Dada- I said "no, just a donut."
Mama- Did he want the donut?
Dada- No.
Scarlett- MY DONUT!!
Dada- No Bubsy. Not that kind of donut.


Pokolodi said...

Yay--Scarlett wants to come to our house for daycare! That would be Carson's idea of the perfect daycare too, by the way. Yay for the 23rd! Tell Scarlett we're excited to have her hang out with us then!