Monday, March 9, 2009

The cookie

It was a short lived romance. Scarlett was in love with a cookie. We brought her to a real bakery recently and let her pick out her very own cookie. Her choice...a bright yellow smiley-faced cookie. I thought she would instantly devour it - but not so much. We let her carry her cookie up to the register so we could pay for it. She talked to her cookie (which was patiently waiting in a little paper bag) the whole time we were waiting in line. We gave her the cookie in the car for the ride home. Did she eat it? I look back at her in her car seat and notice she is not biting the cookie - no. She has the cookie pressed up to her mouth blocking her whole face and was trying to lick the icing off. When asked what she was doing, Scarlett replies "MMMmmm, eyes."

We gave her the cookie again later that night for dessert, and she was beside herself with the excitement of being reunited with her friend. She never ate more than this. (I, however, did. was a little soggy, but let's be honest, when did minimal sogginess keep an almost 8-month-along pregnant woman from devouring a cookie?!)


Pokolodi said...

Mmmmmm eyes...

That was my favorite part. ate more than half of an entire cookie?? Gawd--I bet you could eat an entire donut too!