Monday, March 23, 2009

Scarlett's new dollhouse

I have been waiting to get Scarlett a dollhouse for months now. Every time I'd take a look at them at the toy store I'd have a minor freak out at just how expensive they are. And every time I'd take a look at them at the toy store I'd swear that I'm going to rebel against this dollhouse industry by not purchasing a dollhouse at all. That'd show them. And, of course, this rebellion would only last until the next time I started thinking about buying Scarlett a dollhouse and would take a trip to the toy store only to start the process all over again. Well...I found a small dollhouse already furnished at ye olde Wal-Mart for only $15.97. Even I couldn't argue that price. It lacks some of the bells and whistles (and curtains, bedspreads, and real glowing fireplaces) that some of the pricier models include, but at least this way I was able to determine that Scarlett would, in fact, enjoy a dollhouse before I spent a whopping $100+ on buying and furnishing one. "Enjoy" she does, but "loves" would better describe. In fact, Joe has been hiding the dollhouse in the morning so Scarlett doesn't see it as we're trying to get her out the door for daycare. What can I say...she's a girl. (This is best displayed by Scarlett's reaction to the truck that she hears drive by the front of the house while playing with said dollhouse. Pay attention to what she says at the end of the video.) Right now, the inhabitants of Scarlett's dollhouse fall down and bump their heads a lot. (Scarlett's words, not mine.) They eat a lot of breakfast. They like to "go go." Importantly, they wear pants. Their names are mommy, daddy, girl, and their dog named puppy. And they like to keep all their furniture in the front yard.


sstaffey said...

People falling down and bumping their heads, furniture in the front lawn, dogs named "puppy" ... sounds like the address for this dollhouse is West Haven.

Pokolodi said...

I don't think I have mentioned to you yet that Carson loves doll houses and was very excited to watch this video and see that Scarlett has one now. Playdate anyone?