Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scarlett and I make pizza

Because Joe is in school so many nights a week, Scarlett and I are trying to do something productive every night to keep ourselves entertained. (Not that Joe necessarily entertains us when he doesn't have school...but you catch my drift. I'm trying to keep the kid busy.) Last night we made a pizza from scratch. We even made the dough. No applause needed. But who am I to stop you?Scarlett caught on very quickly. I really only had to intervene when I determined that if I didn't, only one side of this pizza was getting anything on it.

Adding the kielbasa as a topping was a last second "oh my gosh we're done with the cheese and she's freaking out because there is nothing left to put on the pizza" kind of decision. It worked out well though...far better than the green martini olives would have I'm sure. It looks pretty good, huh? It wasn't. In fact, it was downright bad. Please notice the fleck of blue on the crust right in front. We were playing with markers right before we made the pizza and Scarlett left little blue fingerprints all over the dough.
We did eat it for dinner. And Scarlett loved making it so we'll definitely be doing it again. I just wouldn't invite yourselves over for dinner just quite yet. We've got some perfecting to do. In my defense, Canadians have never been known for their pizza.


Pokolodi said...

I'm totally stealing this idea! So far C has only helped me bake--this would be much more fun!