Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scarlett's mailbox

Scarlett has taken an interest in the mail recently. I don't know why. I don't find it particularly interesting myself. There's never anything fun in there. I think she more enjoys the walk to the mailbox as opposed to the mailbox itself, but regardless, I decided to make her her own mailbox out of a cardboard box. I got the idea from a toddler activities website that has seriously saved my life these past few weeks. I'm not even kidding. Scarlett loves the "letters" I made. I put pictures of our family, and pictures of Scarlett's favorite cartoon characters/stuffed animals on the fronts of the envelopes. Scarlett will mail the letters and then take them out...with a little help. (Mommy's mailbox design isn't really toddler friendly. What can I say...I'm learning.) Then she'll deliver them to the addressee. After all the letters are mailed she always acts surprised when she goes to pull them out of the back - as if she didn't realize there would be letters in there after she just deposited them in there herself. It cracks me up. Here she is trying to find the dog to give him his letter. (He never cooperates.) I have no idea who this giant pregnant woman receiving a letter is. I have never seen her before in my life.

Now if I could only convince the USPS that an envelope with a picture of Joe and the word "Daddy" written below is indeed a deliverable letter, we'd be all good.


Fleur said...

holy moly. look at you being all crafty, making mailboxes! I'm super impressed, as is Scarlett, obviously.

Pokolodi said...

You know, I saw this on the list and thought it would be great, but wondered how we could "write" letters to family. Your idea of having the person's picture on the letter is brillllllliant! This is definitely another one we need to steal! Carson is OBSESSED with the mailman. Thank goodness our mailman, Jeff, is extremely patient and has kids of his own.