Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring here we come!!!

We just had our first beeeeautiful weekend after what seemed like an eternity of winter. After church on Sunday we walked across the street to the New Haven Green. Here's what Scarlett did. She walked on stage with dada.Hey...this is fun!"Dada - stick! Scay-ett stick, dada!" ...Now what to do with it??How about putting it down this little hole right here?Sticks sticks sticks...need more sticks sticks sticks.Got one!"Come y-on, dada - Scay-ett stick. Come y-on!"Down the hole.More more more...and more. Yay!Then Scarlett played with "soccey ball." (It was really a softball, but we didn't have the heart to correct her.)

When we finally went home to take a nap - Scarlett was having none of it. I mean none. None none none. Check out this kid's energy! And her dialogue. I don't know when it happened, but Scarlett has started having conversations with us. It used to just be 2 consecutive words here and there, but I can't get over how well she is speaking all of a sudden. I'm aware that no one but Joe and I can fully understand her, so I typed out the majority of what she's saying to translate. If you read along as the video plays it's pretty obvious what she's saying.

“Daddy bubbles play with Scarlett here. Come on, come here, guys. Come here guys. Scarlett play with water. Pat...(her impression of a horse galloping) pat pat. Come on dada Scarlett play with water. Bounce, bounce, come on dada bounce with Scarlett.”

Crazy, huh? She's talking just in time to boss around a certain baby brother who will be making an appearance very, very shortly.


Pokolodi said...

1) The Stick:
And you thought Scarlett and Carson were losing their common interests. Carson would have totally found the hole in the stage to put sticks in too.

2) The last video: guys are the only ones who could possible understand that. It's the same with Carson though. And it's totally crazy about the conversations! Carson is doing that too! I can't believe how long I wondered when he would put words together and now he is saying sentences! He is even using articles like "a" and "the"! It's crazy!!! What happened to our babies?