Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big girl bed!

I decided I wanted to transition Scarlett to a toddler bed when she turned 18 months. I researched, ordered a bed online, and was very confident in my decision - that is until Scarlett's 18-month checkup Wednesday. I asked her Dr. if he could give me any advice on how to make the transition. His advice was "don't make the transition. Not until she's 3 years old. If she's sleeping well in her crib then why bother moving her." This came as quite a shock. I said I wanted Scarlett out of her crib so it would be readily available for #2 in May. He suggested we borrow another crib. Um, no thanks.
I asked around a bit, and got some positive reassurance from friends and co-workers. Joe and I got up enough courage to put the bed together last night and to give it a whirl, desite the Dr.'s suggestion. I don't know why I was so nervous about the transition. She slept in the bed all night as if she had always slept in a toddler bed from birth. At bedtime, I put her into the bed, she grabbed Mickey and rolled over, just like she always does. I had huge fears that she would be in my room pulling on my arm at 3 am, but it never happened. She got up about 1/2 an hour earlier than normal, walked into Joe and I 's bedroom, and said "hi!" So that's it folks. Scarlett sleeps in a toddler bed now. (Low whisper) Just don't tell her Dr.
Here's a video of Scarlett seeing her bed for the first time. Be warned. It's a boring video. She sees the bed and immediately lies down. And that's about it. But please humor me. It was exciting for us.

And these were taken with a flash at 10:30 pm. That's why it looks so bright in the room. I'm a brave woman. I know. I actually thought it would be worth taking the pictures of her first sleep in a big girl bed, even if it meant I might wake her up from her first sleep in a big girl bed. I thought Joe was going to kill me.

Yay Bubsy!!


JenFama said...

OH MY GOD WE JUST SWITCHED MOSSIMO TO A TODDLER BED TWO DAYS AGO AS WELL!!! :)I was so nervous, but we had the same outcome - slept perfectly as if he had always slept in a toddler bed. Our babies are growing up!