Friday, November 7, 2008

The Potato Head incident

Well folks, I have some unfortunate news to report.
Scarlett is petrified of Potato Heads.
How was this discovered, might you ask? Oh…I’ll tell you. Her Nan bought her a mini Mrs. Potato Head recently. We went out to dinner on Wednesday so I stuck the new toy in her diaper bag thinking it would keep her busy at the restaurant. Oh man. Not wise. We sat down. We ordered food. I took the toy out of the diaper bag and put it in front of Scarlett. Initially, she seemed excited. Heck, Mrs. Potato Head was wearing a hat and shoes. You can’t go wrong with a hat and shoes, right? Scarlett picked up the toy and upon raising Mrs. Potato Head off of the table – Mrs. Potato Head’s feet fell off.

Now that’s just not right.

Scarlett immediately dropped Mrs. Potato Head like…well, a hot potato. Joe thought he’d save the day by putting her feet back on and handing her back to Scarlett. Scarlett looked horrified. Brilliant me thought she might not like Mrs. Potato Head’s face (which is a little creepy) so I took off her mouth and eyes and tried to hand her back to Scarlett. Now this was just going way too far. Scarlett shrieked like this faceless potato wearing a hat and shoes was going to eat her. She squirmed so far back in her high chair that I thought she and the chair were going to topple over. The faceless potato was immediately thrown back into the diaper bag never to be seen again.

Now I’m pretty sure it’s a proven fact that all parents will do something to their children which will require those children to seek therapy as adults. Never did I believe that in my case this “something” would involve a Potato Head.
So…come Christmas, no Potato Head’s please. Turns out, we don’t like them too much.


Pokolodi said...

Well, yeah! I'd be freaked out too if my new friend suddenly took off her feet, lips and eyes! If you and I were having dinner, and I suddenly reached up and pulled off my face, wouldn't you be freaked?