Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's official. She's a boo-zo.

Here's a conversation that occured while carpooling to work/daycare this morning.
Scene 1 - Mama's car, 6:42 am

Mama- "They told me yesterday that Scarlett can hold her own at daycare. She doesn't run for help everytime she gets into a conflict. She can take care of her own problems."
Dada- "Oh yeah?"
Mama- "They said it was quite impressive - but it's a good thing."
Dada- "That she's a bruiser? My bruiser baby."
Mama- "Yeah...(turning around)...Scarlett, are you a bruiser?"
Scarlett- "Boo-zo!"
Mama/Dada- "ha ha ha"
Scarlett- "Dada boo-zo"
Mama/Dada- "Yes, Daddy's a bruiser."
Scarlett- "Mama boo-zo."
Mama/Dada- "Yes, Mama's a bruiser."
Scarlett- "Sca-yett boo-zo. Boo-zo, boo-zo."

End scene.


Pokolodi said...

Well, duh.