Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

While incredibly late, I'd still like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. We went to my mom's for a low key dinner, and low key was exactly what we needed. (I'll explain more about why later.) Scarlett got to see nan, Larry, Aunt Stephanie (Na-chie), Uncle Craig (Keg), and, very importantly, Graham the cat. God help Graham if he left the room. Scarlett ran around saying "Ga-hem...where'd go?" until she found him. Poor cat. Of course, any civilized person would have intervened and prevented the torture of this poor cat. Of course, any civilized person is not the mother of a toddler. I was ecstatic that Scarlett had found some safe hobby to preoccupy her time. Sorry Graham. back to this low key part. I know it's not cool to discuss vomiting while eating, but I think it's kosher to discuss vomiting after merely discussing eating, and not eating itself. But correct me if I'm wrong.
If you haven't guessed, we've been sick. Joe and I have seen Scarlett vomit more in the past week than we thought we'd see in our parenting lifetime. Prior to this experience, Scarlett had thrown up twice; once randomly in her car seat, and once at the IKEA restaurant. Last Sunday alone Scarlett threw up 8 times. Scarlett caught a stomach bug from hell. She then gave it to Joe and I. Time was taken off of work and daycare. We really never seem to get sick. Of course, colds come and go - but man...we were all sick. Like SICK sick. After about four days the worst of it was over, but last Wednesday (when I inevitably got it) I was on a diet of Popsicles for like 24 hours. No fun. Come Thanksgiving we appreciated a very low key family get-together.

Oh...and Scarlett and her new toddler bed are best friends now. That poor bed got assembled and slept on one night before this utter chaos occurred. Scarlett threw up in that poor bed more times than I can count...seriously. On the plus side, she has only gotten out of the bed to come get Joe and I when she was covered in puke. Fun times. But seriously, she has done awesome in the bed - even considering. You'd think that after being sick and realizing she could get up and come into our room any old time that she would continue to do so after the puking stopped. But not at all. I love this kid. She is so easy going! We don't even have to gate or shut her door at night. (And yes, the gate is up at the top of the stairs Grandmas.)

So...I've gone from Thanksgiving dinner, to a horrific stomach bug, to praising Bubsy for being an awesome toddler bed sleeping in little girl. What a post!


Pokolodi said...

Man! I'm out of breath just reading this thing!

I feel like I'm repeating myself (because I am...we talked about all this a few times last week), but I still have to give you guys mad props for surviving the week (and surviving my saying "mad props"...sorry). Poor Shcarleh, as Car-key would say. I'm so glad you guys are all over it. And I'm knocking on every wooden surface in my house right now.

Pasifik said...

OMG....She is so cute!

Happy Thanksgiving too....

Keep posting,

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