Friday, November 14, 2008

Don't call me, I'll call you.

Scarlett has always shown an interest in telephones.
Admittedly, I thought we'd have problems when I bought Scarlett her very own toy phone when she was about 6 months old. Here's why...

She got better and better though. She started bringing phones (and remote controls, calculators and ipods) to her ear. She eventually started saying "hello" into the phone (/calculator/remote control). Then she realized that other people should say "hello" too so she'd bring the phone to my mouth, to Joe's mouth, and yes, even the dog's mouth. Recently, she has started saying "bye, bye" before hanging up the phone. But this past week Scarlett has been having conversations into the phone...for real.

Joe and I were grocery shopping last weekend and Scarlett was playing with her Cinderella cell phone while in the shopping cart. She opened the phone and spoke as follows;
"Hello...Boo Boo (Boo Boo is a little girl from daycare - and everyone, for some reason, calls her Boo Boo. I wish for the sake of the child that I could tell you Scarlett invented the nickname, but alas, no such luck.)...yeah...Boo Boo...hi...yeah...bye, bye."

As if that isn't fun enough, last night I spoke to Scarlett on the phone...for real. We've always held the phone up to her ear while the person on the other end would loudly say "Hi Scarlett! Hi Scarlett!" and she'd look at us dumbfounded. Last night, Joe picked Scarlett up from daycare and called me while I was on my way to class. I could hear Scarlett on the other end yell "Mama...Mama!," so Joe gave her his cell phone while I was on the line. Scarlett immediately said clearly into the phone "Hi Mama!" I couldn't believe it. I started to go with it. The real live phone conversation went as follows;

Mama-"Hi Scarlett, did you have fun at daycare?"
Scarlett- "Yeah"
Mama- "Were you a good girl?"
Scarlett- "Yeah"
Mama- "Did you play with Boo Boo and Ally?"
Scarlett- "Yeah"
Mama- "and Baba and Jaju" (daycare grandparents)
Scarlett- "Yeah"
Mama- "Okay Bubsy, I love you"
Scarlett- "Love you!"

and she hung up and immediately called Joe's voicemail by mistake - but we can work on cell phone technologies later. I know the conversation was lacking depth - but no one can deny that a conversation occurred. Yay Bubsy!


Pokolodi said...

That is AMAZING! Oooo I can't wait for 3 weeks from now when Carson does that too! :)

Pokolodi said...

Ummm...guess what Carson started doing this week with his daddy (when he calls from London)? Didn't I just comment a week ago that I was excited for him to do this in 3 weeks? Hilarious.