Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree"

I can't help but smile when life involves a Christmas tree.


Pokolodi said...

1) I am now officially sad that we aren't getting a tree. We are going to be gone for Christmas so we didn't see the, come kid would tear the thing down in 30 seconds.
2) I am so jealous of the Scarlett in the air picture. You do realize that if I took that picture, my camera would go "flick flick flick" and then finally take the friggin picture after Joe had caught her and walked halfway across the tree farm. Christmas present can’t come soon enough.
3)It's a lovely tree! I especially like the mirror ball and the Canadian flag.
4)Did you get new furniture??? And a new rug?
5)And Don't we live in the same town? When did that happen?!