Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July weekend

We had quite a busy fourth of July weekend. Joe and I were determined to bring Scarlett to see her first fireworks show, despite the fact that every fireworks display started a good 2 hours after Bubsy's bedtime. So we did what every other [determined to have their children stay up way past bedtime] parent would do - loaded her up with sugar and hoped for the best. We went to the Milford fireworks which were awesome. There was a whole festival going on before the fireworks...with music and everything. Bubsy got down. She was the life of the party.And then she made this face. I have yet to determine whether I love or hate this face...but it's good - regardless.Nan and Larry showed up with Penny Lane. (Nan's dog - which used to be my dog - but which is now Nan's dog.) It was great to see them, but Penny Lane was petrified of the fireworks. They scared the *poop* out of her. (Very literally.) So they went home. Scarlett loved the show. We were naming all the fireworks' colors. Check 'em out...

Then on Saturday we went to Joe's Aunt and Uncle's house for a picnic. It was absolutely beautiful out so we went swimming (Well...Joe and Scarlett did). Scarlett loved it, and while she hadn't swam in a pool for quite some time I was seriously impressed with how comfortable Scarlett was in the water. I guess I'll have to suck it up(...but more importantly, suck it in) and put on a bathing suit. (Groan.) Swim lessons here we come!
I bought Scarlett a special Speedo bathing suit that has floatie inserts on the tummy and the back. ($6.99 at Marshalls!) It was hilarious. Despite the bathing suit's directions to not necessarily blow the floatie inserts up to the max - Joe blew them up to the max. She was bobbing around and giggling non-stop.

The pool was very relaxing. (Well...it looked very relaxing to me and Holden.)Basketball should always involve a boat...no?We literally had to drag Bubs out of the pool. And then, of course, there was Holden. Doing what he does best...chillin'.Well...and hammin' it up. Yes. It was quite the weekend. Even Scarlett's "princess girls" were beat.


Pokolodi said...

Seriously? Did you not read my last comment? I don't ever want to hear about anything fun you guys did without us again. Ever.

I'm totally jealous.