Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cinderella - probably the best "princess girl"ever invented. Ever.

We finally watched Cinderella last night. Needless to say, Scarlett loved it. In fact...all hell broke loose when the movie actually ended. I'm not kidding. Observe...

It was seriously hard not to laugh.

Drama. You have become a familiar face in this household.


Pokolodi said...

Oh Yeah--our house too. Carson has suddenly started crying when anything he loves is over or when it is time to stop something he loves I thought he wasn't feeling well, but maybe it's the age, huh?

By the way, we watched Beauty and the Beast today and Carson LOVED it. Like, begged to watch it again LOVED it. Has she seen it? Cause it's got something for everyone: a princess girl for Scarlett, a beast for Carson and Angela Lansbury for me.

Fleur said...

Um, so wait - HOW did you not laugh through the ENTIRE FILMING of that video? 'Cause I just laughed out loud several times in the past 1:27. Omg. I'm going to watch it again now, thanks. She is so cute. Cindawalla.

Kate said...

ah, the sobs of "princesss giiirrrllll!!!!" echoing through the house... brings back memories!

and hysterical laughter.

i'm such a good mother.