Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lighthouse Point

After Aunt Katrina and Grandad left last Saturday, Joe and I wanted to bring Scarlett somewhere pretty fun so that she wouldn't have such a rough time with them leaving. We brought her to Lighthouse Point - a beach in New Haven. The last time we went there Scarlett was not quite into the beach. Or the Sand/Water/everything it contained. To see that post, click here. Oh, the difference a year makes.) Man did Scarlett like the beach this year. In fact, I think we will be going here almost every weekend for the whole summer. It pretty much rocked and it felt like we were on a mini vacation for the day. Though next time, we'll remember the poor kids sand toys. And money for the ice cream truck. And food. But other than that it rocked.
Scarlett ran back and forth between the waterpark, the playground and the ocean. Joe and I could not believe that Scarlett liked the ocean. (I mean honestly. Doesn't she know it's gross?!) Check out this video! Scarlett walked out in the ocean until it was up to her neck! She literally led Joe out there as if she was a pro. You can see the point where Joe actually gets uncomfortable being out that far - and he's twice her height. He said the water was freezing and there was so much seaweed on the bottom that he was getting a wicked case of the heebie jeebies.

Even Holden was impressed.
Afterwards, Scarlett wanted to get "comb and wozy" (warm and cozy). So did Holden. Yay beach!! We'll be back. Probably this weekend even. And next. And next.


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I don't ever EVER want to hear about you guys doing anything fun without us again. Do you hear me, missy? I mean it!