Monday, June 29, 2009

Holden's first day of daycare

Today Holden went to his first day of daycare. (I also went back to work, but honestly, that's not nearly as interesting.) Holden is attending the same center as Scarlett, but she's in the "big girl" room while Holden is in the "baby room." This morning before we left, Scarlett decided to tell Holden all about school so he'd know the ropes before we got there."Baby go to baby school, baby Hoe-den? I too big baby school, baby Hoe-den. I go to big school, baby Hoe-den." Holden started to think that this baby school sounded pretty fun. He got excited.But when Scarlett told him that there were other babies to play with at baby school and that his days would no longer consist of sitting in Mommy's lap watching reruns of "A Baby Story" on TLC, "baby Hoe-den" got very excited. Very excited indeed. Check out this ham!! (How could you not smile while looking at this picture?!)
So that's it folks. I've got two kids. And now I've got two kids in daycare. Holden did very well for his first day. But how could he not? He's got a big sister just down the hall to look after him.
And just for old times sake, here's a picture of Scarlett on her first day of daycare almost exactly 2 years ago. Craziness.


Fleur said...

OMG OMG precious. That pic of Holden smiling is so cute I want to reach through the computer and squeeze him. And Scarlett is the best big sis any baby could ask for. I'm sure it sucked going back today and leaving him at baby school and hope that her excitement made it a little easier!!

Pokolodi said...

Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah...

That's me kissing baby Hoe-den all over his sweet little face in that picture. I mean, that gummy grin--are you kidding me???

I'm in no way surprised that Scarlett was ready to show him the ropes. That girl has been a big sister in the making from day 1. (And how cute was she in that picture, not long after day 1???)

I'm proud of those two munchkins, of course--but I'm especially proud of you! I know today couldn't have been easy for you. Mama rock star.