Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daily showdown at the breakfast table

Scarlett's got a nemesis at daycare. They meet each other every morning at the breakfast table at about 6:45 am in the Toddler Two's room. They're both in cowboy hats and with spurs...the spikey kind. With the exception of the tumbleweeds blowing, they're all alone. After walking 10 paces away from each other, they take their seats at the breakfast table and you can almost hear the Western showdown theme song whistling in the background. ( Da-na-na-na-naa...dun dun dun.) Their meals are placed in front of them. begins.

Girl - (squinty eyed and pig tailed, in a low voice...almost a whisper) ......"my waffle."

Oh. But it's not her waffle. It's Scarlett's waffle. This infuriates Scarlett. The girl is not touching Scarlett's waffle. She's not even reaching for it. She just looks at Scarlett's waffle and claims that it is hers despite the very obvious fact that Girl is eating cereal for breakfast. Oh the injustice of it all. Scarlett has a good comeback though - don't you worry. Here it is.

Scarlett - " waffle." (She obviously put a lot of thought into this retaliation.)

But the showdown doesn't end there, folks. After the owner of the waffle has been determined anything and everything that is in front of these two toddlers is claimed. We're talking forks. We're talking yogurt and fruit, napkins, plates and even moms and dads. We're talking a whole lotta mine mine mine. This showdown has happened every single morning for the past 2.5 weeks. While this "mine" phase is harsh, Joe and I are trying to see the good in this particular situation. At least these two girls, while admittedly spitting out "mine" like it was their job, were doing wonderfully at taking turns.