Tuesday, June 16, 2009

They Might Be Giants

This past Sunday we went to see the Grammy award winning children's group, They Might Be Giants, for a free concert on the New Haven Green. It was AWESOME. Everyone had fun - both kids and adults. It was a beautiful night and there were tons of people there (I think an estimated 10,000 kids). I'm hoping that this concert will be the beginning of an awesome summer! We went with Carson (of course), and met up with a few other parents/kids while we were there. Finn joined us for a bit. And we saw Pippi, Ruby, Lyla, and Jonah...and August, Phoenix and Elias from church.

There was plenty of dancing going on.

Val got an awesome workout.

And Scarson had a blast...but they were together so what else could you expect?!
But Scarlett and Carson weren't the only ones dancing. Holden even got down a little bit too. He performed a dance choreographed by Joe. In case you didn't know, Joe is pretty famous for his infant choreography. (To see his previous works, click here and here.)
Val and I were asked by a stranger - again - if Carson and Scarlett were twins. We've seriously been asked this question about 5 times now. What is it they say about couples? They start to look alike after awhile?
After the show, we saw Scarlett's friend Josie...and they were adorable together.
And we held Josie's hand.And held it.And held it.
All the way to Josie's car. Looks like we're going to be having some girly play dates pretty soon.
Yay free concerts on the green!


Pokolodi said...

On second view, I think Andrei may have pushed those kids over! :)

We had a blast! And shockingly, my back didn't even hurt the next day!!