Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holden turns 1 month!

Oh Holden. It was one short month ago that your father and I were frantically rushing to the hospital to have you. I can't believe it's been a month! It's gone by so quickly, and yet, I barely remember life without you.
So...who is Holden? Scarlett sometimes calls him "baby Holden." Or sometimes calls him "baby brudder Holden." But she usually calls him "MY baby brudder Holden." (The "my" is essential, of course.) Holden is a cuddler. This is foreign territory to me. I feel like Scarlett was independent from day one. If we let him, Holden would spend all day every day curled into a little ball in our arms. (And sometimes, it's hard not to let him.) And this kid can EAT. (Even as I typed that sentence I had to walk away from the computer to feed him.) He's already in size 3-6 month clothing. He can shoot spit up out of his nose. He can also shoot poop projectile style out of his tush. It's seriously impressive. We've had to clean poop off of the wall on 2 separate occasions. When Holden gets really mad he cries really hard and he makes the cutest face and I can't help but to smile. Then I feel guilty about smiling because he's actually really pissed off. And we've nicknamed him Sharky. When he's hungry he does "shark attack," which means he flails his little face around with his mouth wide open ready to bite anything. (He does this a lot.) He's a great little guy and he's changing everyday. (Sigh.) When Holden was born he got a 10 on his Apgar score. The doctors were all amazed. They said it's rare for a baby to get a 10. So yeah - on a scale of 1-10, Holden was officially born a 10. (He's going to like that fact when he gets a bit older. I guarantee it.)

Ahhh, my little guys. Could life be any better?


Kate said...

okay, i just have to say this-i'm reading your description of holden thinking 'o my god, that sounds exactly like finn used to be-huge appetite, impressive pooping abilities, giganticness, the cuddling (finn's nickname "bug" is from being a cuddlebug),etc-and then you've nicknamed him SHARKY, who just HAPPENS TO BE bug's most bestest buddy in the whole wide word (his stuffed rat)?!?!?

obviously these two boys need to meet someday, because they're meant to be best buds.

ps, i can't handle the cuteness of the pics of him and HIS big sister.

Pokolodi said...

If I don't get to hold this child soon, I'm going to rip him from your arms and run. I'm just giving you fair warning right now.

He is such a munch, I can't stand it! And Scarlett is such a great big sister. You pretty much hit the lottery.

I can't believe how much they look alike in that last photo!