Monday, June 22, 2009

Alexandra's birthday party!

Oh man, we have gone to some cool birthday parties these past 2 weekends. This past Saturday we went to Alexandra's 2nd birthday party. It was a carnival themed party. Scarlett was very excited to go to the party because she knew Radhika and Alex would be there. (Although Alex was so busy I didn't get any pictures of her. This was a huge party!) She is starting to really recognize the difference between her little girl friends and boy friends (with the exception of Carson, of course, who is her best friend regardless of the fact that he does not seem to be interested in "princess girls"). Check out all the fun stuff at Alex's party...
Sno-cones. They could have just ended right there. Sno-cones people. Sno-cones. How cool?!But no...they had a moon bounce. Like a giant one. Scarlett was in heaven.She and Radhika bounced next to each other...and then sat next to each other...for quite some time. Seriously. The moms had to drag them out of there.Scarlett ran around barefoot for the rest of the party. Ahh, my little party girl. She and Rada were so cute together! Then Scarlett got a little crazy with the carnival top hats. least it's not a lampshade.
The girls were trying to get us moms into the hat action.They tried very hard.We also had a pretty big first at Alex's party. Scarlett got her face painted! She sat so still and loved every second of it! She's such a girl. I thought she would smear the paint off in a matter of seconds but she was very careful not to ruin her "make-up." Come on...just look at her face in this picture. She is so proud of her star!
A little too proud maybe.Scarlett was not ready for the party to end. On the car ride home she decided to do back-up shrieking for Cypress Hill's "Jump Around." (And I came really close to crashing the car while trying to get her "singing" on video.)

Happy birthday Alex! We had a blast!


Pokolodi said...

Umm...a moon bounce? Face-painting? SNO-CONES??? And she's only two?! I've never had anything half as cool at any of my birthday parties and I'm...ahem...twenty-two!

So how do we get to br friends with this girl? I want to see what her 3rd birthday is going to be like! Are they going to send everyone up in the space shuttle?! They've already set the cool bar pretty high...