Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This past week we were visited by some of our Canadian relatives. (To see their last visit, click here.) Scarlett and Holden's Grandad and Aunt Katrina came down - and Scarlett was in absolute heaven with all the attention. (I'm sure Holden was too, but he's a baby blob and couldn't really show it.) Scarlett followed her Aunt Katrina around everywhere, and even requested that Aunt Katrina sing her a lullaby at bedtime instead of me. (I shouldn't be offended, right?) We got quite used to Scarlett saying "my Grandad. My Aunt Katrina." Aunt Nachie (my other sister, Stephanie) was starting to feel left out. After all, Scarlett usually follows her around everywhere and says "my Aunt Nachie." Don't worry guys...Scarlett has enough pestering capabilities for all the Aunts in her family...and probably some other families too.
The first night we went out for Hibachi. Because Scarlett is petrified of seemingly random things (random things which currently include her own dog) we thought she would either love the Hibachi chef, or hate him. We were wrong. She did both simultaneously. With every giant flame or clang of the knife, Scarlett would shriek with joy (or fear) and grab Joe's arm like the girliest girl you'd ever see. Then the second it was over she'd ask for more. It was a definite hate/love relationship.
But then came the chopsticks. And the miso soup. And the lo mein.And the rice. Scarlett loves rice. In fact, she would eat it at every meal if I let her. (And I'm getting seriously close to letting her these days.) Hibachi = huge success. A few days later we went to a Bridgeport Bluefish game. I usually get so bored at sporting events, but we had a blast! We had an entire row of seats to ourselves - and we needed the room. Scarlett started off a little tired (we were running around so much that she had only gotten to take a 1 hour nap in the car).
This is accurately displayed in exhibit A).

But Uncle Keg knows just what to do to liven Scarlett up...

And so do mommy and daddy...heeellllllllloo cotton candy"Dear God, please let this cotton candy never ever end. Ever. Thank you. Love, Scarlett."Even baby Holden had a seat.
And looked dashing in his Yankees uniform.Aunt Nachie got some much needed attention.And, of course, so did Aunt Katrina. I started to feel bad that about 100 lb. Aunt Katrina had to carry about 28 lb. Scarlett around for most of the day...all day...everyday - but Aunt Katrina was pretty good about realizing that all hell would break loose if she put Scarlett down. The tickets to the baseball game were a Father's Day present to my dad from Stephanie and I. Because it was Father's Day, they were having some special events going on after the game. They were letting kids actually run the bases. Joe thought Scarlett might be too young - but I whole heartedly disagreed...and, of course, Aunt Katrina would run around the bases with her. (I volunteered her.) Poor Aunt Katrina. Poor, poor Aunt Katrina.

Please note the strict woman - screaming for everyone to "keep off the grass."

Please note my daughter - sprinting across said grass, happy as can be to have found a short cut.

Please note my youngest sister - sprinting after my daughter and looking in fear at all the staff who were yelling to keep off the grass. Stay Off The Grass. DO ANYTHING BUT PUT FOOT ON THAT GRASS PEOPLE!!!!

Oy. And we thought Scarlett might be an athlete.

And to sum things up, here's an adorable picture of my dad meeting his new grandson for the first time. Does it get any better? Thanks for the visit Grandad and Aunt Katrina. We all had a blast!


Pokolodi said...

Sheez...even I'm jealous of Aunt Katrina.

We have wanted to take Carson from Hibachi for so long! Where did you go??

And, not that I am judging at all, but are you by chance posting to your blog on your first day back to work??? Love it.