Monday, July 20, 2009

Quarter rides at Quassy

The past couple of Fridays we've been going to Lake Quassy, which is a quaint little amusement park near us. They have a special on Friday nights where all rides are only a quarter. It's great! Scarlett was absolutely petrified of rides before this summer. We could get her on a giant slide and maybe a carousel, if we were lucky, but she would rarely sit on the horses...just the bench. Yeah. The bench on the carousel that doesn't do anything...that's where we were. But that's old news. Now Scarlett has a new appreciation for carousel horses because they're not just horses anymore...they're "princess girl horses." (Joe and I are geniuses.) The way we look at it, princess girls themselves do, sometimes, own horses. Maybe. Or at least ride in chariots drawn by these "princess girl horses." And the horses would definitely be covered in "pretties" and flowers like these horses are. Hey. It works. And Scarlett loves riding on her "princess girl horses." We're calling them princess girl horses - and you can't stop us. And there are also helicopters...And giant slides...And choo-choo trains, cars, dragon rides that go "up in the sky!" and spaceships. And Scarlett will go on all of them. Joe and I may currently have to be next to her, but we're working on that. Hey...this little girl is afraid of trucks, ants, and, at times, her own dog. This is a big step for her.


Pokolodi said...

Next Friday. July 31st. You and me. (And Scarlett and Joe and Holden and Carson and Andrei). Quassy. It's on.